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Are buses really returning 365 days of the year?

Dec 16, 2021

This an extract of an email sent to Luke Hall on Thursday 16th December 2021

We have recently sent an email to Dan Norris & WECA regarding SGS Business Case and Bid for Funding asking for the funding bid to be rejected
This is on the basis that full, thorough and fair consultation has not taken place
This email included an attachment running to 11 pages
We would be only too pleased to forward you a copy should you like one
We are obviously pleased that South Gloucestershire Council have eventually relented and announced that buses will once again run through the High Street
Ever since Autumn 2020, when the first results of the surveys were hitting their desk, they will have known that the majority of people wanted buses on the High Street
SGC have a lot to answer for with their complete disregard for the Community
It would appear that despite the announcement in mid November they had not even contacted the bus companies about services returning
Nor have they consulted or agreed on the location of the bus stop and stand or thought about the raised kerb, bus shelter and digital  information board
It appears that the TROs were signed off in the same week as the announcement on the buses
The Funding bid also seems to have been done at the same time
All rather a coincidence
If the TROs had not been signed off so hastily the buses could have returned to the normal place outside the Co-op, at least on a temporary basis, and buses could have returned by this Christmas
As it is we will probably be another 6 to 12 months
This will mean the less well abled bus users in the community will have been prevented from visiting the High Street for well over 2 years
It would appear that the SGC announcement that buses will return is not all that is seems and we request that you continue in your campaign to reopen the High Street fully to buses
SGC appear to be wanting the fortnightly traveling market to continue within the High Street
Obviously this blocks all traffic and the bus companies & passengers would be seriously inconvenienced if they were to be diverted once a fortnight
It just is not practical and SGC must be disabused of this notion
Also SGC have not confirmed that all buses will be able to return
Not all of the buses in Thornbury are scheduled services e.g. Four Towns and Vales Link, School Buses, Minibus & Taxis for people and pupils with disabilities (there at least 3 homes/schools for people with disabilities that are affected) etc.
The market itself does not bring increased trade to the traders located within the High Street
Shopkeepers in the High Street tell us that on market days footfall and takings drop
The market stalls block off access to the established shops and any visitors are unaware of the shops and businesses within the High Street
The market is reducing the viability of the High Street
Now is the time for SGC to rethink
There were already three markets held regularly in Thornbury being the 3 monthly food fair in Castle Street, Farmers market in St Mary Centre and market stalls within the St Mary Street carpark
SGC should put their efforts into supporting these three markets rather than messing things up by bringing in a traveling market from South Wales
Any benefits go out of the area
Stall holders should be limited to the geographical area of South Gloucestershire in order to promote local producers and businesses and reduce carbon footprint
So to conclude:
Let us know if you would like a copy of the attachment to WECA
Please continue with your campaign to open the High Street to all buses 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year
South Gloucestershire whilst claiming to listen to the community show by their actions that they don’t really care at all