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Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Request

Nov 11, 2021

This is the Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Request made on 28th October 2021

Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Requests
Thornbury Town Centre

Dear Sirs,

A. It would appear that SGC may not have followed best practice in determining how Thornbury High Street is revitalised

Please provide the following information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Environmental Regulations (EIRS) within 20 days of this request

B. Please confirm which of these SGC Aims have or will be fully or even partially satisfied – “supports the local economy, the community and our climate emergency goals”

It would appear that none of these have or will be attained and in fact the local economy has declined, indeed the High Street closure and consequent increase in traffic to Rock Street is creating division within in the community and furthermore there is increased congestion and pollution leading to an adverse Environmental Impact

C. Provide details of all:
a) Surveys
b) Risk assessments
c) Environmental impacts
d) Economic assessments
e) Health & Safety
f) Road Safety
g) Traffic Survey
h) Pollution monitoring
i) Relevant Reports
j) Any other related items
These should be both for the period before implementation of the High Street closure and up to the present time

Surveys and assessments etc. should obviously be for all seasons, weather and in particular during school term time Monday to Friday when congestion and pollution are at their most severe

D. In addition, provide any information relating to:

• Air Quality and Pollution in the High Street, Midland Way, Rock Street, Quaker Lane, The Plain and surrounding roads
• Impact on the residents of the three retirement complexes located in Midland Way, Rock Street and Castle Street
• Road safety including mixing of vehicles and cyclists in a pedestrian area
• Access and parking for the disabled, inclusive of blue badge holders, bus passengers, pedestrians including both the physically and mentally handicapped groups
• Assessment of impact to traders and businesses
• Imposition of changes following the Pandemic Environmental crisis policy
• Pollution impact on Rock Street
• Economic impact
• Rerouting of bus routes and delays by caused by congestion
• Impact of recently approved housing developments on the edge of town

E. Please confirm source of existing and proposed funding and copies of correspondence with such funding bodies including WECA, Central Government, European Union etc.

Will all of this income be allocated to the Thornbury Town Centre?

F. Provide the Cost Plan for the works including details of information/specification/drawings on which the Cost Plans are based

Confirm itemised Expenditure to date for all items in connection with works including signage, temporary cabins, security, desk & physical surveys, street furniture, road marking, flower tubs, officers time, consultants, publicity, legal fees etc.

G. What are the increases in response times for emergency services caused by the rerouting from the High Street and increased congestion – police, ambulance and fire. For instance, the Fire Station is manned by volunteers who would firstly need to reach the fire station from their place of work/home and then experience traffic delays and Ambulances would be unable to travel North along the High Street

H. How many traders and shops in the High Street have left, ceased trading or are in the process of moving away from the High Street

I. Impact of road closure on events that traditionally use the High Street including Thornbury Christmas Lights Association switch on and street fair, Berkeley Hunt Boxing Day Meet, Remembrance Day parade, Summer Carnival and Parade

Impact of road closure on Tourism and numbers of people using the Town Hall Information Centre

J. What contact has been made with bus companies including Four Towns and Vale Link and School Buses?

Provide details and dates of Consultations with Stakeholders and in particular Traders and Businesses in the Town Centre

What consultations have been held with other public bodies such as English Heritage

What is the Impact on the Conservation Area

K. Provide report on the impact of the works – both current and proposed, and the special considerations that have been taken into account for:
1. The Hatch Camphill Community, which is a special care provider for supported living in the community and is situated in Castle Street
2. The Sheiling School, which provides special educational needs and is located in Castle Street/Park Road
Both of these endeavours to provide and encourage walks into the Town Centre for personal development

L. Provide report into encouraging safe walking & cycling into the Town Centre from the fringes of Thornbury including dedicated cycleways from the new estates along Morton Way, Gloucester Road and Butt Lane

M. Confirm the criteria used for public health when closing the High Street at the start of the pandemic – for instance the 2 metre social distancing recommendation

Confirm the criteria currently used for public health at the pinch points to the Northern end of the road closure adjacent to The Swan & the Butcher’s Hook and the Southern ends adjacent to The Malthouse where such considerations do not appear to be applied

Confirm criteria for the fortnightly Market which appears to have no health & safety or social distancing restrictions in place