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Protest March

Mar 31, 2022

High Street Protest Marches


Following the highly successful Public Meeting at Thornbury Sports Centre on 16 March,

TTADRA has decided that the time has now come to show clear public discontent over the

plans by South Gloucestershire Council and its Leader, Toby Savage, to proceed with

permanent works to semi-pedestrianise Thornbury High Street.


 There will be protest marches in the High Street on Wednesday 6 April and Saturday

9 April, starting at 11.00 a.m. Come to one or, preferably, both.

 The meet-up point will be the paved area between Costa and the Town Council

office building.

 The aim is to walk up and down the street in a peaceful manner, with placards

showing residents’ discontent at the way SGC has acted over its plans for the centre

of Thornbury, without adequate reason and without adequate public consultation.

 The marches have been notified to and approved by the police, and will be

completely legal.

 Bring a placard, use your voice. Make your opinion of SGC and Toby Savage known.

 Friends, neighbours and pets will all be welcome.

 Do not obstruct any vehicles legally using the High Street, because these are helping

to keep the businesses alive.

For information, the latest news coming from SGC is that:

 There will be no layby for the bus stop, which will be in the middle of the

carriageway, causing delay to other road users, including emergency vehicles.

 There will be no designated cycle lane for cycles coming down the High Street in the

direction of the Pump.

 Plans are still “evolving”, although the Full Business Plan for the changes has been

submitted to WECA for funding.

 The pedestrian crossing near Boots will be removed. There will be two new crossing

points, but these will be unguarded, with no pedestrian priority, because the Council

supposes that there will be little traffic using the High Street.


Come to one or both protest marches

Make your voice heard.