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High Street & Toby

May 29, 2022

There is an article on page 10 in today’s Daily Telegraph (29th May 2022) about the High Street and Toby Savage’s refusal to be interviewed.
Whilst you can pick up a copy of the paper at your local newsagent – News 4 U has some additional copies for sale – without doubt the best for us if you were to open the article online
The newspaper judges success of an article by the number of subscribers opening the article
If 200 subscribers open the article online then the journalist, Steve Bird, will be empowered to write a follow up article (for which we already have much hard hitting information that we can help him with)
If there are around 500 then the article is flagged up to other newspapers and news organisations who will then pick up the subject as being newsworthy and will then send their own reporter to investigate
So would you please ask your friends (anywhere in the world) to open the article online if they are already subscribers to the paper
If you or they are not already subscribers it is easy enough to do online
Subscription is free for the first month and then 50p a month for the next two months
Thereafter it is £12.99 a month
Some of you may then choose to stay with the paid for subscription but others can unsubscribe at anytime
You will need to enter your card details in order to subscribe – just make a note in your diary of when the trial period is about to end – The Daily Telegraph – Try It For Free Today

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The IT savvy amongst you may find it possible to access the article by other means but this will not help in getting The Telegraph or other newspapers to run another article in the future
So please ask your friends, neighbours and worldwide contacts to subscribe to the free trial (see above for details), open the article “Car-free high street turned into “ghost town”” and help us to continue the fight against closure of the High Street
It really will make a big difference
Once you have subscribed go to the little magnifying glass in the top right hand corner and enter   steve bird thornbury   the article is the second in the list