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Last Chance to Save Thornbury High Street

Jan 17, 2022

Decision Meeting regarding Funding for Thornbury High Street on 28th January


We understand that there is a meeting of West of England Combined Authority (WECA) on Friday 28th January 2022 at which South Gloucestershire Council’s (SGC) Business Case for Thornbury High Street will probably come up for discussion and decision

We will not know for sure if it is on the Agenda until the week before (possibly this Friday 21st January).

There are four voting members including Dan Norris – Metro Mayor for West of England, Toby Savage – Leader SGW, Marvin Rees – Mayor of Bristol and Kevin Guy – Leader Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Dan Norris is the Chair and Toby Savage is the Vice Chair


The Residents Association have kept Dan Norris informed of events and are hopeful that he will not allow funding of the controversial SGC project on the basis that there has not been Full, Fair and Respectful Consultation

We should do everything we can to ensure he is aware of the strength of public feeling and has the ammunition to counter the SGC Business Case

You will be aware that he spoke at the two Public Meetings in the Leisure Centre


The public has an opportunity to send in a written Statement ahead of the meeting

We suggest that you write by this coming weekend

We request that you and ideally a few neighbours/friends send a short statement saying that you believe SGC have not carried out full, fair and respectful consultation and giving a couple of reasons to back that up


You are also able to pose two Questions at the same time

We understand that responses to the questions will be given before the meeting


Please send an email to is   (for the attention of Ian Hird) and   (for the attention of Dan Norris)



This a copy of an email received this morning from WECA

Thank you for your email enclosing a statement for the 28 January WECA Committee meeting. Your statement will be sent to the Metro Mayor and committee members in advance of the committee meeting.

30 minutes are available in total for the presentation of statements at this meeting.

The meeting is being held at Bath Guildhall in central Bath.

Please note that given the time available (30 minutes in total) and also due to Covid-19 restrictions and capacity limits at the meeting venue, it may be necessary, depending on the number of statements received, to limit the number of people permitted to attend to present their statements in person.

This meeting will be live-streamed on the West of England Combined Authority You Tube channel,

All members of the public attending to present statements are requested please to take a Covid-19 lateral flow test 24 hours before the day of the meeting

Kind regards

WECA Democratic Services


Since we are not aware of the time of the meeting (Morning, Afternoon or Evening) and that it will be held in Central Bath it is very likely that many people will find it difficult to attend


So, this is possibly your final opportunity to make your voice heard by sending in a Statement and Questions

Please take the time to send an email – it could make all the difference


The Residents Association has endeavoured to post regular news updates on the website    – there are now 16 including 5 in the past week.

If you are scratching your head wondering what to include in your statement you will find lots of information there!


If you are thinking of attending the meeting I would be grateful if you would drop a line to the Secretary   so that we can coordinate our responses





We hold regular committee meetings at Turnberries. This week it is in the Kington Room at 7.00 on Wednesday 19th January 2022

We are actively looking to attract new members and if you feel that you have any time, skills or support to offer we would be only too pleased for you to come along. Ideally please drop a line to the Secretary in advance in case we need to book a larger room



Other relevant contact emails


South Gloucestershire Council

Toby Savage – leader of South Glos Council



Member of Parliament

Luke Hall – MP for Thornbury & Yate