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South Gloucestershire Council ignore Community’s objections

Nov 23, 2021

Five Traffic Regulation Orders were signed by Director of Environmental and Community services on 19th November 2021
This was despite overwhelming opposition given at the Consultation held in Turnberries during September and would also appear to be completely against each of the five key items in SGC Policy – SGC policies The Joint Local Transport Plan (2011-2026) – See Policy 3 below
a. Thornbury – Castle Court, High Street, The Close and The Plain – Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting – Statutory Notice
• 20 objections • 5 comments in support
b. Thornbury – High Street – Designated Disabled Persons’ Parking Place – Statutory Notice,
• 12 objections • 1 comment in support
c. Thornbury – High Street – Proposed Designated Loading Place – Statutory Notice,
• 11 objections • 2 comments in support
d. Thornbury – High Street – Proposed Prohibition of Driving (Except For Access) – Statutory Notice,
• 32 objections, • 6 comments in support
e. Thornbury – Various Roads – High Street Area – Proposed 20 Mph Speed Limit – Statutory Notice be made permanent
• 4 objections • 14 comments in support

Policy 3
The Joint Local Transport Plan (2011-2026) sets out policies to deliver an affordable, low carbon, accessible, integrated, efficient and reliable transport network to achieve a more competitive economy and better connected, more active and healthy communities. The Joint Local Transport Plan is based around five key transport goals.
• Reduce carbon emissions
• Support economic growth
• Promote accessibility
• Contribute to better safety, security and health
• Improve quality of life and a healthy natural environment