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Thornbury Neighbourhood Plan

Mar 30, 2022

You may have received a card for a referendum regarding the Thornbury Neighbourhood Plan

This nothing to do with TTaDRa or the High Street but has been produced by a group of local residents and funded by South Glos and Thornbury Town Councils

For a copy of the report look up     Thornbury Neighbourhood Plan 2019 -2036       and it will be dated October 2020. Publication was delayed for 2 years by covid

If you look up the trapp’d website you will find that they are in favour of the the Neighbourhood Plan

TTaDRA do not have a formal position on the Plan however it would its adoption would appear to be favourable to Thornbury since it will place some restrictions on development and save open spaces and views

We were able to give Alan Pinder – of Thornbury Neighbourhood Plan Group – space at the public meeting a couple of weeks again so that he could give out leaftets on the Plan